And a few extras, taken with my iPhone Our beloved Tuk Tuk Driver, Phea (or is it Pei? I am not sure how to write his name properly, to my great shame),… Continue reading

Phnom Penh tuk tuk

It’s not a breath of life, it’s a mouth-to-mouth from existence.

Bangkok on the meter


Kyoto mon amour

Joyous Japan – pt 1

    Japan. 2 weeks. Go.

Contes du terroir

Only a few images, barely any words. That’s how quiet my country house is. And for the foodies, here’s the recipe for a delicious homemade strawberry jam (sweetened with good ole’ maple syrup):… Continue reading

An art history

Two days, 2 exhibits. I took the first pictures during the 3rd edition of the Chromatic festival, organized by Massivart, which took place in a great space, the Fonderie Darling. Here is artist… Continue reading

Artists For Animals : a Fundraising Art Show

Sit With Me is a shelter dog rescue. On May 11th, 2013, Artists for Animals, a fundraising art show, was held to support and promote their work. The vernissage featured a few very… Continue reading

About passion?

It’s only been a few weeks since I changed the course of my life, once again. I feel like I had taken baby steps before; changing cities, countries, projects, jobs (always within the… Continue reading


This is for those people who are wondering why I will not be taking a flight to London on August 19th. Why they will see me on the streets of Montreal this year… Continue reading