Towpath restaurant – Hackney

36 De Beauvoir Crescent
Greater London
N1 5
United Kingdom

Busy, one-of-a-kind, laid back cafe with a small menu. Quality clearly overrides quantity, and that’s why we loved it. My sister is usually pretty severe with setups, design and architecture-wise; here, she was all praises. For my part, I’m picky with food, menu and prices. Ladies and gents, let me tell you I was in for a treat.

This cafe-restaurant is a true hidden treasure, composed of a few, separated room, all opened on the canal (they provide heaters and blankets).
Honestly one of the most original places I’ve been to in London, with well-executed food in small portions, which allow you to dig in their deserts. Unique spot in London: I’ll be back, for sure!

Moussaka: 8,50£
Asparagus with gribiche sauce (mayonnaise-style sauce with, in this case, a hint of tarragon: spot on): 5,50
Braised pork sandwich; can’t remember the price, only the tenderness of the meat!

I was so amazed by their deserts I didn’t even bother looking at prices. My sister’s friend got this dark chocolate-toffee-sable and my sister and I indulged in an olive oil and rhubarb tart that left us speechless and full-mouthed.