Pictures and oddities from here and there in London, UK. Enjoy and share wildly for a laugh! More will be added as soon as I catch more BRINSANITIES over my walks around London.

In Belgravia.
The Brits have a complete advertising guide filled with ad rules ( the ASA is rather stringent and ads get banned for being too racy or too airbrushed (when one thinks they are so close to France, which sports ads featuring bare-breasted women to promote the most unrelated products…shocking!). I guess the only way to use sex as a selling argument was to feature prawns. Although associating “hardcore” mating prawns to a sandwich that will most probably be eaten for lunch is a questionable marketing move.  
British manners: taking a piss at you while staying polite (notice the “thank you”).
Seen during the Euro 2012, when England lost to Italy in a hands-wringing match.
Do I really have to? Seems like quite an ordeal.