WritinDSC_0011g on myself is a difficult endeavor. I’d much rather to ask all my friends to describe me in a one-liner, then copy-paste all of them, but I suspect most of what I’d get would be highly inappropriate. As I rated my own blog as fit for a “G” audience, I have to stick to it.

I was born and raised in Montreal, a city of constant contrasts, alternating between French, English, snow, sun and thunderstorms. It has a life of its own. I like to think that I resemble my city: predominantly francophone, clumsily anglophone, impetuous, stubborn, and a complete maniac for good food and coffee. However, being an eternal nomad, I sometimes feel disconnected, as if I belonged nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I seem to be in a permanent quest for something and there is seldom rest in my mind. Travels soon became a quick fix for that unshakable curiosity, to which I am now completely hooked.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when, in 2011, I decided to use my legal background as a propellor to travel. Over the course of one year, I worked in international organizations in London, UK and The Hague, the Netherlands, seizing every opportunity to move around Europe, meet other expats as well as natives and surrender to my absolute devotion to new food.

My computer became packed with unshared photos and my head, clogged with untold stories. It took some time before I could gather the nerves to post some of it here, shacking my twisted ideas in front of whomever was nuts enough to read me. But when I started talking to myself (which would happen a lot – all those psychos out there are having some serious competition, I tell you), I figured that I didn’t have much left to lose by writing about what I was already sharing with ghosts ; therefore, here I am, breathing one word at the time.

Simply put, if you started reading this blog hoping it would bring you some sanity, I am sorry to tell you that you took the wrong turn and just entered the psych ward.

Yours from all over the place,

The travelEh


P.S. Many, many thanks to Joe, my devoted friend who has been reading all my nonsense before I’d publish it.