Batman’s milk mustache

Milk Bar 3 Bateman street, Soho, London, UK Hip Australian cafĂ© just over Chinatown. Rich, intense ristretto espresso (I rarely tasted such good coffee) and sweet soy chai, a creamy and delicious treat!… Continue reading

The Hague

As many other youngsters here, I have spent 6 months in The Hague to do an internship in an international organisation.I originally come from Montreal, a rather big metropolitan centre, filled with warmth… Continue reading

When The Netherlands flirt with Neverland

The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World It’s when I came across this website that I decided to take for the second time the 2:30 hours-long train ride bringing me from The… Continue reading


I’m French Canadian. The first big question was to either write in French or in English. The second was “why are my settings in Dutch???”. The third was how to change this.The last… Continue reading